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Are you tired of offering products that are hard to sell and difficult to deliver?

“How to Sell Passive, Recurring Services Every Business Wants AND Increase Your Revenue & Profits...”

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 "Traffic Secrets exposes the “new” way to drive the right people to your product or  service. Russell's giving you secrets that no one has revealed, and he does it in a way that makes his lessons easy to absorb and understand."

Dean Graziosi

"Controlling traffic is the holy grail for any profitable business. Traffic Secrets is the online formula to create the attention every product needs to thrive."

Steve J Larsen


Their Name

"Vinyl 8-bit mustache quinoa drinking vinegar tousled. Odd Future iPhone sriracha, literally sustainable "

Their Name

"Vinyl 8-bit mustache quinoa drinking vinegar tousled. Odd Future iPhone sriracha, literally sustainable "

Their Name

"Vinyl 8-bit mustache quinoa drinking vinegar tousled. Odd Future iPhone sriracha, literally sustainable "

Their Name

Learn How I Transformed My Business and Stopped Trading Time for Money

and how I created a more passive, recurring Revenue System that made me even MORE money by doing a lot less work and managing way less people.

Hello. My name is Lisa Parziale and I know first hand that building a business is not easy. I opened my agency in 2011 thinking it was going to be a breeze. And when I learned about SEO, I got super excited...

SEO was recurring... and "high ticket," so I mistakenly thought it would be much easier to build a business with something that you sold once and collected money on over and over. I did not stop to think about everything it would take to actually perform SEO. It took a lot!

Traditional SEO + Website Design Are Very Profitable...

I know, because I built a multiple 7-figure agency on these products. Don't get me wrong, it is a solid business and I still do have my agency.

I spent over a decade perfecting my business and helping others just like you do the same thing. I am proud of what I accomplished and love my agency. I am not just walking away from that and in fact, what I am about to share with you made my business stronger!

What I did not take into consideration was the amount of work traditional marketing services took to deliver. I had to assemble a team, learn and create processes, plus continue learning new things just to keep up. And that was after I had spent so much time getting the customer in the first place. It was overwhelming!

AND... I was trading time for money... with a limited number of hours, that put a cap on how much money I could make before I had to add more hours or people.

That was how I saw my future... for a very long time.
I did not consider any other options.

To Succeed in Business, You Have to Learn to Pivot

Until I met Danny Rios (he's may partner in crime now in this program) and he helped me see things in a totally different way. He helped me see that... getting the traffic is the hardest part! And that's the part I was awesome at.

But, as I know first-hand, the customer did not always understand or appreciate what I was doing. All that mattered to the customer was one thing...

WINNING the customer and collecting money.

However, most business owners struggle to get traffic,

and really struggle to convert the traffic they do get!

Additionally, they struggle to keep the customers they get or make them more valuable!

That's When I Had My Ah-Ha Moment!

Danny helped me see, that if we supplied the tools that allowed them to convert their traffic at a higher rate... we became the HERO!

By increasing their conversion ratios and making them more money,

using simple, easy to install self-serve software...

We became the HERO in their story!

And, we would also have truly recurring, passive services!

I was a little skeptical at first. And I resisted. And you might too.

It's only natural to be afraid of change.

That's us in Dallas in 2021, where it all started!

Danny in on the left and that's me, Lisa on the middle (you figured that out already). Colan is on the right.

Why are we looking all saucy?

We KNEW what we were about to be doing!

It Was Actually Easier To Be The Conversion Expert!

That's When We Transformed Our Current Businesses

  • No more trading time (hours) for money...
  • No more having to hire a bunch of VA's...
  • No more having to sell difficult products & services like SEO (unless we want to)
  • No more customers saying "I can't afford that"

Selling "self-service" SaaS was easier than anything I have ever sold and required very little of my time after the sale!

  • Less hours (for setup and maintenance)
  • Less staff (like none actually)
  • Less hard "selling" and more conversational
  • Less "no's" and a whole lot of "yes"
  • More revenue, profit and a much greater ROI

I Simple Had To Give This An Honest Try...

The First 3 Customers I Approached... SAID YES!

I started adding these services to every pitch, every sales call, every conversation...

and almost everyone was interested or said yes.


I had something to sell the folks that called that were not a good fit for SEO

(I would have turned them away previously)...

So I was making even MORE money by simply adding some

easy to implement recurring, passive SaaS products into the mix...

One thing be became glaringly apparent to me quickly...

This was a gold mine of opportunity and I was on the ground floor!

These SaaS Products were going to change my business forever!

I have to be honest here. I spent over a decade perfecting my sales

and delivery of traditional marketing services...

I was not going to stop selling my current services... yet.

Incredibly, people who want those services almost

always say yes to these new SaaS products.


I get to establish my NEW business, while working my old one.

I started seeing amazing results!

(thank you Colan & Danny)

I started getting amazing results FAST!

So did Danny & Colan

The guys who showed me this opportunity!

I immediately thought of my AFT Community

and how I could share this opportunity with others.

This program is limited to 100 seats. I'm offering seats first to my AFT Community BEFORE we take this public. You won't get this cheaper, as we will raise the price before going public and we're offering special launch bonuses! If you miss the launch special, you'll pay a much higher price later and miss the launch bonuses...

Before I Shared this With The Entire AFT Family...

I had to know this was repeatable, before creating a program for you!

Without giving ANY details, we asked our core community to take a leap of faith and get into a new "test program" we wanted to show them (and we charged them $$ without any details)...

We Had 40 Fast Trackers "Go All In" Within 4 Days!!

We taught them the exact process we were using...

That's when something magical happened...

Our "founders" started closing sales immediately!

They started getting the same exact results and seeing the same success we were...


(I'd be lying if I did not say these 40 folks were thrilled and honored to get early access)

So many of our founders are closing deals...

For some, the have tried everything... and were ready to give up on their dreams.

Our Founding Members are gaining new customers...

That's when we knew this was something special!

Our Founders Are Crushing This Opportunity!

And have shared, "This system is easier than anything I have tried before."

Honestly, I was thrilled to death. Some of the students who had been in previous programs were reporting that they found this system "fit their business better" and was easier to sell, manage and fulfill. They reported to me that we had changed their lives.

Don't get me wrong, our other programs are amazing...

But this program is super special in that it provides an easier path to success.

Judy got paid for a year up front!

Craig ACCIDENTALLY landed his first customer...

It felt amazing to watch my community get as excited as I was!

I also was super pumped I was adding MORE PIGs to my PIG FARM!!!

PIG = Passive Income Generator!

The bigger my PIG FARM the more passive my business is...

And that means...

I get to enjoy the FREEDOM LIFESTYLE most only dream about!

That's me cruising the mediterranean, hitting up beaches, fishing, traveling and most importantly, at Disney World (my fav place. on earth). We went 4x in 2019!

What is a freedom lifestyle?

To me, it means the FREEDOM to travel and live life on my terms,

go where I want, when I want and have enough money to pay for it all.

For the record, I did NOT build my wealth and lifestyle through my training programs like many gurus. I made most of my money with my Marketing Agency! I am just like YOU!

This is even more passive than what I used to do!

I created my Freedom Lifestyle with harder to sell products, like Websites & SEO...

This is an easier, more passive solution, and that means...

This is going to give me even MORE time to enjoy my life!

This program is limited to 100 seats. I'm offering seats first to my AFT Community BEFORE we take this public. You won't get this cheaper, as we will raise the price before going public and we're offering special launch bonuses! If you miss the launch special, you'll pay a much higher price later and miss the launch bonuses...

Hear What Our Founders Think Of The

AFT Revenue System

"Amazing program, love the easy, implementable lessons and templates. Love it!" - Jennifer Stowers

"I've literally gotten rid of every other GURU I've ever followed in marketing." - Colan Scheidenhelm

"Wow, easiest sell I have ever made. Forget hard to sell SEO, I am floored by the results." - Krysti Mickonnen

"Just get in this program. There is nothing else you'll need for massive success! Period." - Jenia Sarotin

"I had my first customer within a month of joining this program. It is the easiest sell ever!" - Carson Whitenburg

"Seriously simple but powerfully effective. A simple add-on you can sell or give away." - Chava Scheinowitz

"Stop it. This is too easy. Where has this been all of my life. I love this program." - Christine Greenwood

"I like selling SEO but it's a hard sell. Not these SaaS services. Easy peasy." - Valerie Ronbinson

As You Can See...

The AFT Revenue System Has Already Helped So Many Agency Owners Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

"Learning from Lisa, Danny and Colan who are great coaches and actually implementing is easier than it sounds." - Alexander Velitchko

"VIP is the best and you need to add this on! There's no way to not be successful. Highly recommend the course and VIP." - Valerie Robinson

"20 years doing marketing technology... this was one of those investments that was worth it."

- Chris Ulrich

"It opened my eyes to a completely new revenue stream that I have never considered before."

- Jay Sarotin

"With AFT Revenue System, I finally feel like I have a plan and system to get out of my day job."

- Carson Whitenberg

Easy To Sell, Easy To Implement

I Know You're Wondering, "What Are the SaaS Services?"

What exactly are we selling? Watch this video and then keep reading of you need any more information. Honestly, these are services every business needs,

many are starting to look for and a lot don't know they need them... until we show them!

That's where the magic happens!! And... for those that are already using some of these SaaS products, they LOVE that we sell them all on one simple interface.

This is a limited time offer and this video was recording on our private Monday Mindset cal.

Easy To Sell SaaS Services


The cool thing is, WE don't have to even worry about the platform. Currently, we are using an industry leader to provide the services to our customers.

And we simply pay one fee every month for ALL of our customers!!!

Full disclosure, you will need an account with our provider at some point...

The SaaS provider plans start at only $97/mo and I will show you how many of our Founders got their first customers within weeks of joining the program!

We'll GIVE YOU an account on our platform if you join our VIP Mastermind and you can use that account until you get your first customer. Boom!

These Are The Services We LAND Customers With

SMS Chat Widget

A super-powerful chat widget that converts a simple chat on a website to a powerful SMS conversation, ensuring we don't miss any leads!

Unified Inbox

One simple place to check for all communications - chat, email, form fills, Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger and Reviews, Instagram and more.

Social Media Poster

Schedule and manage social media for yourself and your customers, or have them manage their own with this simple to use Social Media Poster - built right into the platform.

SMS Messaging

Schedule and send SMS messages to you or your customers' lists to increase revenue and opportunities. This can quickly generate revenue and make you a HERO!

Email Messaging

Schedule and send Email messages to you or your customers' lists to increase revenue and opportunities. This can quickly generate revenue and make you a HERO!

Text To Pay

Send invoices by text and the customer pays with a click! This is a great feature for those that are on the go and don't want to carry around a computer or POS scanner.

And these are just a FEW of the features we sell on one simple platform that is next to nothing to lease and resell to my customers! What else can I offer?

  • Fully functional, highly attractive websites
  • Robust funnels and landing pages
  • Drag and drop surveys & forms
  • Online appointment scheduling & calendars
  • Build online training & courses
  • Create memberships
  • Automations & sequencing
  • An online white-labeled app

All of this and more is included on the same platform!!

This is a gold mine of opportunity and you will be on the ground floor!

We sell these services by themselves or in packages ranging from $97 to $297 per month!!

PLUS, we're also going to show you how to use this SAME system for your business

and for your customers, making it a double-dip!

Easily Help Your Customers Nurture Their Leads to Increase Revenue

The value to your customer is what you are able to accomplish after they capture the lead.

The full featured mobile app allows your customer to communicate with their leads on all devices.

So they close more customers and YOU become the HERO in their story.

Did I Mention YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS Can Save a Bundle?

This ONE TOOL replaces so many others, your customers SAVE money when they invest in your new program!!

We will show you everything in the program and even GIVE YOU a bunch of templates and plenty of guidance. However, you and your customers will save a LOT of money ditching all of the programs that HighLevel can provide...

There is an investment into the CRM system, so you can resell these services. But here comes the good news, just one monthly payment of $297 gives you UNLIMITED customers!!

This program is limited to 100 seats. I'm offering seats first to my AFT Community BEFORE we take this public. You won't get this cheaper, as we will raise the price before going public and we're offering special launch bonuses! If you miss the launch special, you'll pay a much higher price later and miss the launch bonuses...

Here's the thing...

Without the right training, systems & processes, this can be a little confusing and hard to sell and implement... that's where I come in.

I have created an easy to follow training program with Danny & Colan!

We are going to show you in the simplest way possible how to setup your own business and then go get customer quickly, so you can pay off this investment in as little as 10 days!!

We already have several of the Founders who have done just that!!

What's In The Program?

  • Set up & streamline YOUR business with our exact Revenue System (it even has website templates)
  • Multiple sales strategies for you to get customers with scripts & templates (you can simply execute)
  • Processes and checklists to get your new customers setup quickly
  • Onboarding calls to help you get setup and answer your questions (see bonuses below)
  • Complete cold email lead generation training in case you want to go that route (not required)

Plus, an optional exclusive VIP Mastermind membership

  • LIVE Zoom group coaching calls every other week
  • More FREE templates, resources and training monthly (we have complete verticals as well)
  • FREE GHL Agency Account on our platform for as long as you are a member (see bonus below)
  • Over 80 as-needed, short and to the point reference videos that answer practically every question
  • FREE Private Facebook group as long as you are a VIP Mastermind member

Some of these benefits are only for a limited time as we are launching this program!!

Don't wait and get left behind on the "next big thing" in marketing!

Invest in your future today...

I'd like to give you some FREE bonuses 

today, so you have everything to succedd!

We have some amazing bonuses for our Official Launch of AFT Revenue System!

Check them out below. These are ONLY for the first 100 seats we have opened

(we had about 75 left as of this page posting).

Claim Your SEAT Now and

>>> Get These FREE Program Bonuses! <<<

Bonus #1 - 3 FREE Group On-boarding Calls with Lisa & Danny to get your Agency/Business setup

"We show you how to set everything up step-by-step and give you hands-on support on LIVE Zoom calls."

Total Value: $900.00

Bonus #1 - Expert Evolution

If you use HighLevel, they will charge you $297 to onboard you. We not only give you step-by-step videos, we're giving you 3 FREE Onboarding opportunities to get live support with Danny, Colan and Lisa. That's a $297 Value. 

You will also learn the secrets of how to setup your agency the right way and be able to ask all the questions you need so you leave with your agency setup and ready to go!

Get This For FREE When You Invest In AFT Revenue System Today! 

Bonus #2 - FREE Private 1:1 Onboarding and Strategy Session with Lisa or Danny

"You'll meet with one of the coaches personally to ensure you are setup correctly and ready to rock your new business for maximum success"

Total Value: $1000.00

Bonus #1 - Expert Evolution

Lisa, Danny & Colan wanted to make sure you had the highest level of support when you joined their program. They are offering, for a limited time, the ability to meet LIVE, just you and the coach, to ensure you are onboarding and ready to get the maximum results and success. They typically charge $1000 an hour for private consulting, so that's a $1000 Value. 

They will go over your setup and make sure it is 100% correct and maximized for success. PLUS, they will talk strategy and help you determine a great niche or way to start earning revenue fast.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In AFT Revenue System Today! 

Bonus #3 - FREE Agency "Snapshot" we Call Our Agency Revenue System

"This is the exact template and structure we use in our businesses! You get the same one!"

Total Value: $1200

This is the same exact system we are all using (Me, Danny & Colan) in our Agencies AND Agency Fast Track. We have all the things built and are adding more each and every day.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In AFT Revenue System Today! 

Plus, When you join our VIP Mastermind...

>>> Get These FREE VIP Bonuses! <<<

VIP Bonus #1 - 50% off the VIP Mastermind Membership now + Get a Lifetime Price Lock*

"Lock In Your VIP Mastermind price today at 50% off and keep the same price as long as you're a VIP!"

Total Value: $97.00 / mo

Bonus #5 - 30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge!

WOW! This is huge. First, keep $100 / mo in your pocket with our launch special of 50% off the VIP Mastermind Group. Plus, we're going to give you a LIFETIME price lock!

The VIP group is worth much more (see the huge bonuses above) and frankly, we have it priced at $197 / mo only for a limited time. We'll likely increase the price in the future as we add more resources, training and revenue systems. Other groups are charging up to $500 per month for less. As long as you are a VIP Mastermind member, your price is locked in.

*If you do not join today or if your VIP membership lapses, your price lock is not valid. You'll be able to rejoin at a later date but will have to pay the full, current rate at that time.

Is VIP worth it? We'll let our members tell you what they think...

"If you do the VIP Program, it totally makes a difference. When you have VIP you can bring your specific case to the group. Lisa, Colan and Danny will make you successful. Like there's no way to not be successful." - Valerie Robinson

Get This For FREE When You Join Our VIP Mastermind Today!

VIP Bonus #2 - 2 FREE Niche Revenue Systems Every Single Year you are in the VIP Mastermind.

"This is a huge value. We sell these Niche Revenue Systems for $800 - 2000 each!" 

Total Value: $1600.00+ / yr

Bonus #4 - The 5 Minute Perfect Webinar

After you have been in the VIP Mastermind group for 3 consecutive months initially, you will receive your first FREE Niche Revenue System. Then, every 6th months you stay in VIP, you'll receive another Revenue System! You get to pick from a large variety of verticals and there are more coming!

Get This For FREE When You Join Our VIP Mastermind Today! 

VIP Bonus #3 - FREE HighLevel Account for LIFE* to use for your agency or as your test account!

"You get one FREE HL Sub-Account in our system for the lifetime of your VIP membership"

Total Value: $97.00 / mo

Bonus #5 - 30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge!

WOW! Best BONUS ever!

This means you will NOT have to get an account t learn the system. And, you get our support to get everything setup and correct.

When it's time, you can transfer the account to your own HL account in the future or keep it where it is. Win. Win.

*You will receive one free sub-account on the Agency Fast Track GHL account (not your own account) for as long as you are a VIP member.

Get This For FREE When You Join Our VIP Mastermind Today!

VIP Bonus #4 - Private VIP-only Facebook Group

"Gain access to our private VIP-only Facebook group where we provide VIP support and resources"

Total Value: $47.00 / mo

Bonus #5 - 30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge!

Our private, VIP-only Facebook group was designed for the serious agency owners who want the benefit of VIP support, resources and the ability to mastermind together in a structured platform. While your VIP Membership backend houses all of your resources and training, the private VIP-only Facebook group keep all of our conversation organized and allows our community to truly mastermind 24/7/365.

Get This For FREE When You Join Our VIP Mastermind Today!

Like I mentioned before, these bonuses are FREE. Just invest in our program and sign up for VIP today to receive every bonus!

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is NO CATCH!

Your bonuses are guaranteed. I know there are some websites and folks out there that offer you something cool for free, but then change the offer. We won't do that.


The VIP is optional - this is something we have thought about and tried to make as simple and inexpensive as possible.

But Time IS Limited

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Receive When You Invest in the AFT Revenue System Program Today!

  • HereFREE Group Coaching Calls
  • 1 FREE 1:1 Strategy Session
  • FREE Agency Snapshot

Value $900

Value $1000

Value $1200

Plus, when you join our VIP Mastermind group, you also receive these FREE bonuses:

  • 50% OFF VIP + Life Lock
  • 2 FREE Revenue Systems Yearly
  • FREE GHL Sub-Account 1:1 Strategy
  • PRIVATE VIP-only Facebook group

Value $97/mo

Value $1600+

Value $97/mo

Value $47/mo

This is an amazing offer limited to the first 100 people!

Total Value: $7889 in Year 1

And some of the bonuses provide extreme value year over year!

Invest Today in AFT Revenue System For Only


plus join our VIP Mastermind group for only $97/mo - that's 50% off (normally $197/mo)

If you do not have a coupon code, email

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Invest NOW Before All Seats Are All Gone...

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the program!


Lisa Parziale

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm offering you almost 75% off our brand new program that is changing lives, "AFT Revenue System" (that retails at $1997.00) for only $597.00. Yes, this is an amazing price for what you will receive, and all you pay is $597.00 US or 3 Payments of $247.00 US anywhere in the world.

There's no catch... no gimmicks... And, if you want hands-on-support and additional resources, training, LIVE Zoom sessions, FREE Revenue Systems for specific verticals and more, you can optionally join our VIP Mastermind group for 50% off for LIFE!

This is an amazing program. An even better version that what our Founders group had gone through and they are getting amazing results in sales and ease of onboarding.

So, Click the button above to invest in yourself and this ground-floor opportunity that is program is teaching, before all seats are taken.

You won't regret it.

Our Fast Trackers are getting amazing results and you can too!

Get Your SEAT NOW Right Now!


I get it, I have been there too. We have arranged for you to have the opportunity to make payments. We are offering you the ability to make 3 monthly payments so you can get started right away and not wait (we may not open more seats for a while).

I am here for you, as always in my programs, but I also brought out the big guns with two additional trainers and mentors for maximum success.

Danny & Colan will also share their own knowledge, business successes and expertise with you in this program for maximum success.

You get 3 coaches, mentors and trainers for the price of one!

To your success,

P.S. If you have any questions, you can email me directly at and I will ensure this is the right decision for you and your business.

Make one investment today to build your

FREEDOM BUSINESS and live your best life!

Or, make three small investments over the next 3 months and get on the FAST TRACK TO SUCCESS!

Get Your FREE Book, Send Me

Your address

I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new hardcover book to your doorstep, ASAP.

FAQ - Our Most Common Questions

If you have a question that is NOT answered below, reach out to us at

Do you offer refunds?

No. As with ALL of our AFT Programs, we do not offer any refunds. Due to the nature of the programs and materials, this is not something that would work.

However, we would be happy to jump on a call with you if needed to ensure this is the right program for you business before you invest.

Just email Lisa me

Is the training live?

No. We created the program to be self-paced so you can go through at your own pace. We found that this is best to allow everyone to learn at their own pace and achieves greater success for everyone. We do provide onboarding sessions to answer questions and get your started.

We do have an optional VIP Mastermind group you can join (for a small monthly fee) where we do have LIVE Zoom calls every other week. We find this combination works best so everyone.

Do I need any experience or skills?

No. Unlike most digital agency products and services, these require very little experience and no skills whatsoever. You won't have to know how to code, build website or anything about SEO. You'll be able to do everything we show you with a little practice and simply watching some videos.

This is a great business to start if you have not already started one. It's also great for experienced and larger agencies as well. Your willingness to learn and take action are all that is needed to succeed in this program.

Is there anything else to buy aside from the program and optional VIP?

Yes. For success, you will need to purchase a GoHighLevel account at some point. However, your investment in the platform will easily be paid with just 1 customer. Then, everything else is profit. We do offer a FREE GHL account under our Agency Fast Track account for VIP members until you land your first customer.

There are no other upsells or OTO's in our offer. Simply the amazing program (course) plus an optional VIP Mastermind group you can join (monthly fee applies).

Can I get 1:1 support?

Yes. We offer group onboarding sessions where we will work with a limited number of people at once to ensure everyone gets support and the ability to ask questions.

We also provide 1 FREE Private 1:1 Call with one of the coaches when you join the program.

What's the VIP Mastermind group?

The AFT Revenue System VIP Mastermind group was designed to maximize your success. The group provides several benefits, resources and bonuses only VIP Mastermind members will receive. These are listed in a section ABOVE under the bonuses.

This group will accelerate and multiply your success. It is optional and incurs a monthly fee to gain access.

How much time will I need to invest?

The training is built to maximize your success in the shortest time possible. With that said, you can expect to spend 10-20 hours total learning this system. Since everyone learns at a different pace, it is hard to judge how long it will take every person to implement.

We have broken down lessons and guidance into very short, easy to implement learning videos. If you are in the VIP program, we meet for 2 hours every other week. This is optional but highly recommended.

How many clients do I need?

That depends on you and depends on your revenue goals, Unlike a traditional agency, the "deliverables" require less setup time and then often, require very little time on a regular basis. That means you have more time to keep selling and working on your lead generation techniques.

How many customers you need is really a matter of how much money you'd like to make. It takes surprising few customers to build a 6-figure income.

How fast can I expect to start earning money in the program?

There is no guarantee that you will earn anything. Your level of experience, willingness to implement what you are learning and how much effort you put into the program will factor into your success. We can only tell you what our past members have achieved.

In most cases, getting your first customer can be done in about a month or two. We have had members get their first customer in a week even! We provide everything you need to attract and land customers.

When do I get access?

Immediately! You are going to receive access to the program the instant you invest and can start going through the program. The VIP Mastermind LIVE Zoom calls are every other week on Tuesdays at 3pm Central time. In the program backend, you will get all of the details for everything, including your bonuses, access to VIP and the private Facebook group.

  Hardback Copy Of Expert Secrets

 ($24.95 Value)

  Expert Evolution

 ($97.00 Value)

  Hook, Story, Offer

 ($97.00 Value)

  The Perfect Webinar Slides

 ($197.00 Value)

  The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar

 ($97.00 Value)

  30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge

 ($97.00 Value)

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